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Ibaraki Food Guide

Hitachi BeefIbaraki is known for its delicious beef, including Hitachi Beef, a brand of high-quality meat that is considered to be one of Japan’s best wagyu (Ja

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Summer Obon in Japan: Ghosts, Fire and Dancing

Ghost stories and spirits walking the earth; summer 'Obon' season is upon us in Japan. Obon, to outsiders seems like a summer holiday of food, festivals, travel and dancing, but all of these summer traditions are rooted in a more ghostly and spiritual tradition.

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Magic for a rainy day

We're now well into the Japanese season of rain - beautifully named tsuyu, or baiyu (梅雨), the months of June and July see many days of rainfall. While this is o

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5 reasons why rainy season shouldn't get you down!

It's a rainy, dreary day in Tokyo today as I'm writing this - which makes me think that perhaps rainy season is hitting us a little early this year! Usually the

Sight in Miyagi

Sendai Mediatheque

Designed by renowned architect Toyo Ito, this seven-story facility has a focus on media art. Completed in 2001, Sendai Mediatheque comprises of galleries, a library, event spaces, studios and a cinema. Architecturally, the building's design features slabs and vertical tubing as it's​ essential, and almost stand-alone, structural elements.

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How to make Bento Boxes like a Japanese Supermarket

In Japanese convenience stores, you often see a lot of affordable prepackaged meals in a box-like format. If you’re in the mood to recreate this in the comfort of your own kitchen, here are some tips and suggestions to get you started

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