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The quietest places in Kyoto - The mountains

It hit me, that it was quiet moments such as these that one becomes incredibly candid with yourself;away from the static and noise in the city, away from the he

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How to make Bento Boxes like a Japanese Supermarket

In Japanese convenience stores, you often see a lot of affordable prepackaged meals in a box-like format. If you’re in the mood to recreate this in the comfort of your own kitchen, here are some tips and suggestions to get you started

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Artistic Manhole Covers in Japan

When travelling to Japan often people recommend to look upwards since there are many signs on the sides of buildings climbing all the way to the top floors, esp

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5 Essentials for A Bug-Free Summer

I don't know if you're anything like me but I welcome the warmer days. I'm more than happy to shed of my layers of clothing and put away thick bulky comforters.

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Five Critters to Watch Out for When Hiking or Exploring in Japan

Japan has lots of warning signs. Make sure to pay attention to them so you don't end up like this person. (

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Samurai Heritage: Asakusa Yabusame Festival

YabusameAny samurai history buff can tell you "The Last Samurai" Saigo Takamori died making a last stand near Kagoshima during the 1877 Satsuma Rebellion. Afte

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