Food with a Face - the cutest noms in Japan!

Japan has long been known as somewhere that is a bit of a paradise for foodies. From Michelin Star restaurants serving acclaimed food that is amazing in both taste and presentation, to tiny hole in the wall shops that will give you a bowl of ramen that you'll dream about forever - you'll never go wanting for a good meal in this country.
One of my favorite things about the food culture here though, is the cute factor. If your mission is to find something adorable (and Instagrammable!) you're going to be in luck here. I want to share with you a little sampling of some of the super sweet noms that might have you feeling a little guilty at eating away at their loveliness!

Krispy Kreme Japan

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Krispy Kreme here always seems to have something adorable being released to coincide with the time of year and whatever special occasion is coming up. With Easter just around the corner, these are their newest releases, due to go on sale on March 22. You can buy them individually or as part of a box set with several donuts if you're really wanting a sugar hit!

Noms at Maid Cafes

Maid Cafes truly seem to be one of those quintessential quirky things that a lot of people like checking out when they're in Japan. The food there is about as kawaii as it comes - parfaits and cheesecakes made to look like bunnies, kitties or puppies, omelets with ketchup smiley faces drawn on them, and more - you're in luck if you're wanting a sweet that's super sweet here!
Two different things I've had from Maid Cafes - this sweet little bunny cheesecake and a parfait that looked like a bear! For the record - both were super yummy as well as being little works of art!
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Baskin Robbins Japan

They have a few lovely little parfait/sundae type options on their regular menu, as well as options that come about seasonally. The regular menu options are these ones which you can find on their website,
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And a picture below of the bunny in real life! Naturally a picture seems obligatory before cuteness gets ruined right?
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Last year at Halloween time, they had about 6 limited edition Halloween style ice cream cups like this - so keep your eyes peeled for fun seasonal varieties!

Chateraise Cake Store

Chateraise is a chain of stores located across Japan that sell all manners of yummy cakes, pastries and ice cream. For my daughters birthday each year, we've gotten her a cake from here, because:
a) I'm not what I would call an accomplished baker
b) the price is great for what you get, and
c) can we just look at the cuteness?!
I don't think she minds at all that mama didn't bake her a cake when she gets to enjoy this!
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Mister Donut Japan

Again, donuts seem popular for all things decorative! Mister Donuts Japan has a bit of an affinity with Snoopy, and very often they seem to have cute Snoopy and Woodstock inspired donuts.
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The ones above were a Christmas special, but their special items are usually listed on their website -- so keep your eyes peeled on if you're visiting and want to see if there's anything cute available to coincide with your trip!

Other mentions!

This little cafe is in the small back streets of the suburb I live in, on the outskirts of Tokyo. Totoro choux cream puffs! They don't have a website that I'm aware of, unfortunately - but aren't their creations adorable?
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Pancake Days in Harajuku
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Sure, this might not be as impressive as some of the others, but I guess I just loved that they added these little smiley face pieces to the pancakes I ordered. You can't have a bad day when that happens! Sadly, from what I can find online though, they've closed down since I went there!
Also, a couple of my other articles have food with faces too - delicious nikuman in Yokohama Chinatown made to look like pandas,
As well as animal donuts at Floresta Nature Donuts (I told you donuts were a popular medium for adding faces onto!)
Hopefully during your time in Japan you'll get to experience some of these cute things to eat!

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