On Safari in Gunma Prefecture!

If you really want an animal experience that brings new meaning to the words "up close and personal" in Japan, Gunma Safari Park is a great place to visit.
We headed there one rainy weekend, wanting something that would get us out of the house but wouldn't see us standing out in the rain for hours on end. You can use your own vehicle to go through the Safari Park, or if you're heading there by public transport, they do actually have some buses which you can get on that drive around the park.
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They look sweet enough, but it's one of those situations where you know that if you weren't in a vehicle they'd eat you for breakfast! Talk about locking eyes with us!
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This buffalo was just chilling out - I don't think he was too happy getting his picture taken while he was just trying to relax!

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This antelope kept nudging our van and our mirror - they definitely aren't shy, you get some animals really coming up super close to people's vehicles! There are very strict warnings stating that under no circumstances do you open your doors and windows, and I can absolutely understand why that would be the case!
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This was one of the buses I mentioned, that goes around the park if you don't want to utilize your own vehicle or if you perhaps got to the park by public transport and don't have a vehicle. They had different types of safari animal buses, this wasn't the only one - so much fun to see!
The park website can be found here, http://www.safari.co.jp
Admission costs are 2,700 yen for senior high school students and older, 1,400 yen for 3 year olds through to junior high students, and free for under 3 year olds. There is also a 500 yen charge for passenger vehicles to have a GPS/radio guidance device (they give you this at the entrance), which gives you a bit of a run down of the animals in each section. They have Japanese and English GPS guides, so don't worry if your nihongo gets a firm no!
The street address is 1 Okamoto, Tomioka, Gunma Prefecture 370-2321 which you should be able to pop into Google Maps if you're planning on driving out there!

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