Showa Park - a spot of tranquility in the Tokyo suburbs

Being from Australia, and spending a sizeable amount of time in a smaller country town when I lived there, wide open spaces are my thing. They help me clear my mind, and just appreciate nature!
Sometimes living in Tokyo can seem like you can't really escape the metropolis - but you absolutely can! There's a park out in Tachikawa, not at all far from central Tokyo, called Showa Kinen Park. We head there quite often, for a number of reasons! First and foremost it's a beautiful, relaxing spot...
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But it's a great place to visit for so many more reasons!

It's wonderfully child friendly!

From a park train, to playgrounds, a children's forest, and even a water park in the warmer months, there's plenty for your little ones to do if you have kids!

You can stop to grab an ice cream or something to eat!

There's several food vans and also café style eateries throughout the park. One weekend we got some of the yummiest donuts from a little van - so there are options for you to grab a bite if you're feeling hungry!

Something is always in bloom!

The picture above is when we visited the park one weekend and there was a cosmos flower festival happening! Lovely yellow and orange flowers as far as the eye could see. Showa Park is also well known for having a number of other flower festivals. Plus, the park is a top spot for enjoying the sakura season and taking in the beauty of those cherry blossoms (which should be just around the corner here!)

Sadly, I've never actually visited the park over cherry blossom season so far - so the below picture isn't one of mine (picture credit for that one is 
here) but how gorgeous does it look? I just love the poppies in the foreground with the sakura trees in the background, and I'm definitely going to try and make it there over the season this year!

And there's plenty of space!

Whether you want to run around and kick a ball, have a picnic lunch, or just sit back and people watch - even when there have been lots of people at the park, it's never felt crowded - there's just so much space that it still feels relaxing.

Getting there and the details:

The details are on that link for the park schedule and any closure days.
Admission costs are as follows:
Adult (over 15 years old): 410 yen
Preschool Child: Free
Elementary and Junior High Student: 80 yen
Adult over 65 years old: 210 yen
Street address: 〒190-0015 Tokyo, Tachikawa, 緑町3173
We usually drive there, as we don't live too far away. Parking is plentiful but it is paid parking, so just keep that in mind.
By the train, if you get off at Tachikawa Station and head out the north exit, it's a bit under a 10 minute walk to the main entrance of the park.
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