Economic way to go around the Kyushu area: JR Kyushu Rail Pass

I would like to share my experience in regards to the options with train tickets in the Fukuoka area. There are 5 kinds of JR rail passes:  Southern Kyushu 3 days for ¥7000, Northern Kyushu 3 days and 5 days for ¥8500 and ¥10000 respectively, whole Kyushu 3 days and 5 days for ¥15000 and ¥18000 respectively. Here is the link to the rail pass  website: . Due to fact that I’m only staying in Japan for a week, primarily living in Fukuoka, plus only going to Kumamoto and Yufuin, I got the Northern Kyushu 3 days pass.
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As a foreigner I highly recommend buying a JR rail pass, cause from Fukuoka to Kumamoto alone, round trip, would have cost you ¥8700 already. One to keep in mind is that the JR rail pass also allows you to select reserve seats in advance. If your lucky enough to got a reserve seat than that means you get to avoid standing on the train your whole trip or having to arrive at the station too early just to hope you could get a seat. *However, please remember you will have to reserve your seats at the time your buying your JR rail pass you don't get to choose later. Also please REMEMBER there are only so many reserve seats once they are all reserved you will have to take your chances with the non-reserve seats* (I could only reserve seats for my way back to Fukuoka from Yufuin). That said, there is no need to be too concerned if you couldn't get any reserve seats, cause the non-reserve seats sections are pretty empty in the morning and I arrived at the station only 8 min before the train scheduled to leave the station. Therefore, relax. 
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Enjoy your trip to the Kyushu area! ^^

Judy Chen