Spend or Save: Beauty Products in Japan

Japan has many amazing things to offer to its visitors, from beautiful parks to onsens to numerous temples to sushi and to all-night karaoke bars. But it also happens to be a slice of heaven for make-up junkies.
Japan was literally a haven for beauty enthusiasts. Japanese Drugstores and Malls are not hard to find. It's everywhere!

I listed spend and save products which are optional for you to try on when you happen to visit stores in Japan.

Here are the list of Japanese beauty products worth checking out:

1. Jill Stuart - Spend
Photo credit from JillStuart
If you are a fan of princess-y packaging beauty products, check out Jill Stuart. What I really love to try from this brand is the blush connected with a brush on-the-go and their perfume line.

Jill Stuart's perfume bottles are very luxurious and will make every dressing table the prettiest.
Photo credit from Jillstuart
Photo credit from Jillstuart
However, the price is quite steep because it's a high end brand but definitely worth a try.

Visit - http://www.jillstuart-beauty.com/en-jp/

2. Canmake - Save
Photo credit from Canmake Tokyo
If you love vivid colours with great pigmentation, Canmake is the one you should try (note that most Japanese products have light washed pigmentation).

Canmake is one of the top selling makeup products in Japan. Go for the cream blush, lipstick and colour stick.

You can find it in the drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi and at tax free shops like Don Quixote.

Visit - http://www.canmake.com

3. Sailor Moon Makeups - Spend
Photo credit from Creer Beaute
Photo credit from Creer Beaute
I'm an avid fan of Sailor Moon since I was a kid and after learning that Creer Beaute released a Sailor Moon make-up line, I was so ecstatic that I want to buy all of them!

They have eyeliners, face powders, a Moon Rod cheek tint, a Rainbow Moon Rod Chalice Tint and many more!

I recommend their eyeliner designed like a moon rod which only costs 1,200 yen.

Other items were a bit pricey, but if you're a Sailor Moon collector, you won't think of the price I guess.

Visit - http://www.creerbeaute.co.jp/sailormoon/

4. K-Palette - Save
Photo credit from Cuore Online
Photo credit from Cuore Online
My favorite amongst all - it's the K-Palette One Day Eyebrow and One Day Eyeliner! I have been raving about this the first time I bought it in Japan.

They're not kidding when they've called this a one-day tattoo. This popular felt-tip eyeliner pen glides on smoothly, creating a super fine line that makes it easy to draw a sharp cat's eye.

I personally love their eyebrow pen, it comes with an eyebrow powder on the other side. It's very pigmented and blendable. And once it dries, it's not going anywhere.

Both products only costs 1,200 yen + tax and can be found in Japan drugstores everywhere.
K-Palette's eyebrow mascara
K-palette also has an eyebrow mascara line - best for those with colored hair as it will help match the color of their brows. And it only costs 500 yen + tax!
K-Palette's Kuma Concealer
Another product from K-Palette is their "Kuma Concealer". This product is good for covering up scars and pimples.

It has a medium to heavy coverage that can literally zap the darkest eye bags!

Visit - http://www.cuore-onlineshop.jp

5. Majolica Majorca - Save
Photo credit from Majolica Majorca
Majorlica Majorca is actually a brand under Shiseido. The brand reflects a mysterious, adventurous, and fairy tale aura to capture the teens' interest. The recommended products to try are the mascara and cream blush.

I personally love their Skin Lingerie Pore Cover which is a matte finish and glides up smoothly on face. It's like Innisfree's blur primer in Korea. It can serve as a primer before you put your foundation on.

Visit - http://www.majolica-majorca.com/

6. Maquillage - Spend
Photo credit from Maquillage Shiseido
Maquillage is another brand under Shiseido and is designed for sophisticated working women.
True Cheek blusher
One of their interesting product is the True Cheek blusher which is a self-powdered blush where you can apply your blush on-the-go. It's a best product to have when you're traveling.

Other than that, the lipsticks are hydrating and they have an extensive colour options that will suit Asian skintone.

Visit - http://www.maquillage.shiseido.com/

7. Coffret D'or - Spend
Photo credit from Coffret D'or
Coffret D'or is a product under Kanebo. The colour palette of Coffret D'or is lighter and suitable for fair skin. On top of that, it has a really pretty blush with a rose petal design.
Coffret D'or Rose Blush
For those with narrow eyelids, this brand also has a super sharp and fine eyeliner.
Coffret D'or eyeliners

Visit - http://www.kanebo-cosmetics.jp/coffretdor/sp/

8. Cezanne - Save
Photo credit from Cezanne Japan
Cezanne cosmetics offers high quality, affordable Japanese cosmetics. Items are literally safe and simple.

I personally love Cezanne's Natural Cheek and Mix Cheek products as it naturally help your cheeks glow with just the right amount.

Visit - http://cezanne.co.jp


These are my recommendations of Japanese beauty products that are worth buying (both Spend and Save) whenever you travel to Japan. 

If you have other recommendations to share with me, please comment below. I would love to find out other Japanese beauty products to try on. 

Thanks for reading! ^_^

Danica Ann Unrada