Genius gadgets you can find at Japan's electronic stores!

Japan is a bunch of fun if you're into electronics and gadgets - there are loads of electronic stores across the country, that sell all manner of fun (and functional!) goodies. Here's some that I saw at my local electronics store that you might find a bit unique or interesting - and perhaps they might be things you want to purchase and take home as a souvenir from your trip.

Your own takoyaki maker

Takoyaki are those tasty dough coated octopus pieces that are molded into that perfectly spherical shape. If you fell in love with them on your vacation to Japan, you might want to try recreating them - and you can do that with one of these takoyaki makers! 

A device to create the perfect head on your canned beer

Ever poured a can of beer into a mug, and had it lose carbonation quicker than you can say Kirin, Sapporo or Yebisu? One of these might solve that issue for you. Connect it to a beer can, and it will give you the perfect head on your poured drink - keeping the carbonation and making it look like you're an expert bartender.

A contraption to give your ice cream that aesthetic roll shape

Places that make your ice cream in perfect rolls have been pretty popular in recent times - if you want to show off to your house guests you could always get one of these, to make them a gorgeous looking dessert after a meal. 

Missed a nagashi somen festival? Use one of these to create your own!

You may have heard about nagashi somen festivals, where noodles come flowing down a bamboo chute for you to grab and enjoy. If you missed one of those summer festivals but wanted to recreate the experience, you could try one of these. 

Kakigori Makers - from the traditional to the modern and cute

Japan's traditional iced treat, Kakigori, is popular during the summer months. My local electronics store had both the old-school traditional looking machines, as well as cute modern versions featuring characters like Doraemon, Hello Kitty and Anpanman. 

Your own nabe pot

One of our favorite dishes to eat here is Shabu-Shabu, where thinly sliced meat and various veggies are boiled in hot water or broth and then served with dipping sauce. It's delicious - and we have one of these pots at home so we can easily make it and not always have to go out to a restaurant to enjoy it. They are a little pricey (this version is 9980 yen - around $100 US) but we use ours regularly so it was a good investment!

IMG_1367.JPG 1.43 MB

Bear in mind that if you are buying electronics in Japan, the power plugs associated with them might be different to what you're used to back home. You might need to ensure you have an international adaptor if this is the case!

Happy Shopping, and enjoy Japan!

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