Trendy and Special Souvenirs You Should Buy In Japan

Of course visiting Japan , you'll want to buy some souvenirs for your friends, family and yourself.
Japan is full of souvenir shops , whether they sell Yukatas,the traditional style purses, hair accessories , kawaii character merchandise etc.
Seriously its not hard to find souvenirs to take back home, also sometimes you wanna find a really special kinda souvenir,
somethings that's not brought by most visitors.
Here i would like to introduce some special and trendy looking souvenirs to show off your cool experience in Japan.
So forget the average kinda souvenirs, take home some awesome ones instead.

Usually after going to Japan , you want a t-shirt to remember it by, well forget buying thoese "I Love Japan" t-shirts and
buy these cool and trendy look ones instead.

Japan X Kanji by Tokyo Typo Store
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What is cool isn't just because of the kanji but each T-shirt is design differently and the meaning of the T-shirts is different as well,
so much better than the i love japan or the 'engrish' t-shirts.

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Most t-shirts cost ¥5,800, there's 25 designs.
T-shirts are made in Japan

Get yours at

Tokyo Typo Store
Number Me Store
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H Tokyo
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H Tokyo is a specialty handkerchief store, each handkerchief is designed by different  illustrators, novelists and is the work of many artist collaborations. 
If you don't want a more special handkerchief, you can customize one with initials , messages and embroidery designs ,
making it more personal and special.
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H TOKYO Marunouchi store
Address: 3rd floor, KITTE, 2-7-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 11:00-21:00


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A kawaii and contemporary looking (KENDAMA TOHOKO) the Japanese kentama toy, by ASOBISYSTEM x BEAMS.
Buy at BEAMS Store
Candy Stripper
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Candy Stripper, cute , cool ,street fashion.
You should check out this brand , the item they have i want to recommend to buy for a souvenir,
is the Pepe Souvenir Jacket.
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Of course there's other places to get souvenir jacket, but once different with this one is there is a cute panda,
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The back has a map of Japan, Pepe the panda on the Tokyo Tower and Mt Fuji.
Its a really cute and cool jacket , they can be fashionable and shows your love for Japan.
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Candy Stripper
Address: 1 Chome-50-35 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan
Opening Hours:11:00-21:00

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Limited Japan Yukata/Kimono plushies.
Plushies of Japanese Characters can be brought at any or selected character stores. 
Rilakkuma special japan plushies can be brought at Kiddyland or Tokyo station.  
Normal cute plushies can be brought any where but the limited kimono versions is extra cute and easy to take home. 

Julia Lai