5 Halloween Costume Trends - with Japanese origins!

Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Japan each year - and one of the most fun elements of Halloween celebrations are of course the costumes you get to choose from. Here are five costume trends seen on the streets last year that are likely to still make it back this time around - all with distinctly Japanese origins!


Pikachu has been back in the spotlight in recent times, with the release of Pokémon GO that revolutionized gaming as we knew it. Short for "pocket monsters" (or ポケットモンスタ in Japanese), Pokémon's origins are here in the land of the rising sun. There are various different Pikachu costumes that you can find online - there are ones just like the picture below here, through to this more va-va-voom style and plenty more.
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Kindergarten Students

Depending on where you've been traveling in Japan, it's possible that you've come across some Japanese school students - and even kindergarteners. The kindergartener uniforms are adorable, and look like the picture below, with some color variations.
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A popular trend that started doing the rounds at last year's Halloween events in Tokyo were people dressed as those cute little kindergarten students. If you're looking for a similar costume, they sell them on Rakuten here. 
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The personification of the poop emoji

Ah, the humble emoji. They're like the modern day hieroglyphic - you can literally have entire conversations using just pictures, and the poop emoji is right up there with the most used. You may or may not have already known that emojis were invented in Japan by an employee from NTT back in 1999 (a telecommunications company here). 

One thing has to be guaranteed - you're bound to avoid having a crappy time if you dress like this (if you pardon the pun).
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Mochi Ice Cream

This would be a great one to try with a friend if you're looking for a double costume! You'll see this mochi ice cream brand all over the place - it's stocked in just about every convenience store and supermarket across the country (definitely give them a try if you come across them - they're super tasty).

Want to give a costume like this a whirl? It's a handmade deal, so go for it if you're a bit crafty! Some cardboard + a printer + a white turtleneck or long sleeved top, a white wig (check Don Quixote stores if you're here in Japan already!) and a headband with a pink stick coming out of it = costume made!
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Mario and Luigi

If you were thinking of the most famous and well known video games of all time, the Mario series has to be up there with the most iconic. They've possibly grown in popularity in recent years due to the Mari Car experiences, where you can go kart around Tokyo dressed as your favorite Nintendo character. Needless to say, you're likely to see more of Mario and Luigi hitting the streets come Halloween this year.
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If you're celebrating Halloween in Japan this year, you might want to try one of these options if you're still unsure of a costume choice!

Enjoy Japan and Safe Travels!

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