Falling for fall - 3 places to bungy jump in Japan with autumn views!

If you've ever wanted to experience bungy jumping, there are several places you can enjoy that weightless adrenalin rush in Japan. As an added bonus, in the autumn months there are several bungy jumping locations that offer up some pretty incredible views as the leaves are changing. Without further ado, here are three spots you can fall and enjoy the colors of fall at the same time!

Fuji Bungy

Height - 54m

Fuji Bungy is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, and gives you views of the Suzu Valley - which even includes waterfalls! Your first jump here is 10,000 yen, and if you're game and want to go a second time that jump will set you back 5000 yen. Fuji Bungy are open year round, but they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so just keep that in mind if you're intent on jumping!
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You can head to Fuji Bungy at the address below - it's about 90 minutes by car from Tokyo proper.

Ryujin Bungy

Height - 100 m

Ryujin Bungy is located in Ibaraki Prefecture, and sees you jumping off the Ryujin Otsuribashi - otherwise known as the largest pedestrian suspension bridge on all of Honshu. The facility here is open 7 days a week, and your first jump will set you back 16,000 yen. If you'd like to do a second jump on the same day, that one is only 7000 yen. 
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You can find Ryujin Bungy at the below address.

Sarugakyo Bungy

Height - 62m

Sarugakyo Bungy can be found in Gunma - the area is known for its hot springs too, so it might be a good chance to give yourself an adrenaline rush and then hop in an onsen to let your body unwind from that! At Sarugakyo your first jump is 11,000 yen and if you're game for a subsequent one that's the reduced price of 6000 yen. They're closed on Thursdays and Fridays here - so again, just be mindful of that if you're headed there without a prior booking.
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Sarugakyo Bungy can be found at the address below.

All of the three locations I mentioned are run by Bungy Japan - you can find their website here, and you are able to book online (the site is in English - super handy). You can just turn up if you're in the area without a booking, but priority is given to those who have made a reservation. If you're intent on giving it a go during your time in Japan, it might be wise to book in advance if you have limited time or limited days in a particular region. They do have a few other locations on their website as well, so check it out - it also has all the other terms, conditions and requirements you need to adhere to in order to be able to jump.

Hopefully if you do feel like adding some extra adventure to your vacation these provide a few ways to do that - and you'll score some incredible views in the process!

Safe Travels, and Enjoy Japan!

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