Scary Halloween Time at the Universal Studios Japan

Halloween is a big topic in Japan. Not originally coming from there, they adapted a lot of traditions and starting from September you can find everything you need for your own Halloween party. Even many food chains and branches go with the Halloween theme and have a special design. So, it is no wonder that Halloween is celebrated at the amusement parks in Japan, too! Let us take a look how the scary time looks like at the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka this year.
The Halloween event at the Universal Studios Japan (short USJ) started on September 8th and will last until November 5th. It is separated in Daytime Halloween and the Halloween Horror Night, which is more special and includes many attractions.
USJ Halloween 2017

Daytime Halloween

Around daytime Halloween at USJ is not so much about horror, more about the fun of this event itself. With the new Festa de Parade you are able to see a colorful costume parade, which takes you around the world. The parade includes confetti, bubbles and for sure music and dance. Something you can easily enjoy with your family.
If you are at USJ with your children, take the chance to take part at the Happy Trick or Treat event, which is only for children of elementary school and younger. At the main part, the big candy festival, you can try to crab as many candy as possible while it is falling down from the sky. However, also some staff members are giving out candy to children if they say the magic words “Trick or Treat”.
For the daytime, this doesn’t sound much. But don’t worry, there are also several Halloween related goods you can buy around the park. Even a special Halloween Booo-tique is opened there nearly everything is collected at one place. How about Halloween Minion Tshirts or spooky Snoopy snacks to take home with you?
Halloween Booo-tique
Horror Night Snoopy
Also the themed food is prepared for Halloween time. Special menus are set up at the restaurants and food stalls. You can get a creepy looking Hello Kitty Chucky Bun filled with tomato curry, but also a lot of sweets such a Minion vampire roll cake and Dracula cookie sandwiches. Be sure to try out some of these limited time snacks. 
For sure, Halloween decorations can be found every there, too. Keep your eyes open and use your chance to take unique pictures. Some of the USJ characters even were Halloween costumes. Elmo and the cookies monster are up to Trick or Treat while Hello Kitty is rather looking cute in her Halloween dress. 

Halloween Horror Night

The big Halloween fun starts when the night falls down. From 6 pm zombies will come out the corners and scare and attack you in the dark. A broken police care and an old school bus make the atmosphere perfect. Even a special area is opened for the zombie fun, so don’t miss to enter it in the night. It is said that there are 20 different types of zombies, some of them only appearing on rainy days.
However, that is not all. There are also several attractions only available while Halloween time, which we will take a short look on now. Please notice that some of the attractions have an age limit and are not allowed for children and people with a weak heart. Also starting times vary between 10:00, 12:00 and 18:00 over the day. All attractions are rated in a horror level, with 1 as weakest going up to 10 with the horror of death.
Zombie Zone! Take care!
Time for some horror!
  • Deadman’s Forest – Escape from the Forest of Death
    Maze with horror level 4. No extra ticket required, express pass available.
    A maze filled with zombies and you are inbetween. Solve missions to escape or you will stay there forever with the undead. 
  • Cult of Chucky Chucky’s Hospital Ward of Madness
    Maze with horror level 5. No extra ticket required, express pass available.
    A killer doll is around and you should take care that it’s lost for blood is not making you too scared. 
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street – The Maze 3
    Maze with horror level 5. Numbered ticket or express pass required (*).
    Are you ready to face Freddy in real? Walk through Elm Street and try to escape quickly, so you are not the next victim.
  • The Exorcist – The Devil’s Manor
    Maze with horror level 5. Numbered time ticket or express pass required (*).
    Walk through a mansion modeled after the movie, but take care that you are not suddenly attacked from behind.
  • Trauma 3
    Maze with horror level 10. Exclusive ticket required (**)
    The 35-minutes long and most scary highlight of this year’s Halloween Horror Night at USJ. Wander through the maze and find the hidden exist, sure not to pass while seeing horror scenes beyond your wildest imagination.
  • Sadako x Terminator 2
    Theater show with horror level 3. No extra ticket required, express pass available.
    Everything starts as usual at the Terminator 2 theater, when suddenly Sadako appears. The cursed attraction in 3D will scare you 
  • Gakko no Kaidan (Haunted School)
    Theater show with horror level 3. No extra ticket required, express pass available.
    Modelled after the original Japanese movie this theater show will bring back your worst nightmares of school life with an overnight stay at the school. 
(*) The numbered time tickets are given out at the building Stage 22. Line up there and get a ticket for a certain time you are allowed to enter the attraction. We got our tickets for around 1 pm in the morning at 9 am, so try to go there early.
(**) The exclusive tickets for Trauma 3 are sold online and cost 2,900 yen for each person. You can buy them at USJ, too, as long as the daily stock lasts.

Numbered time tickets (*)

On the way to school?

If you want to look as scary as the zombies around and have some extra money left, you can get a makeover. Let make up staffs put wounds, ripped parts and more on your body. On the USJ website you can make a reservation for this. I saw some people doing this and it really looked stunning.  However, a lot of visitors made up their Halloween outfit by themselves, too, and this is really worth seeing! I was impressed who much work they put into their costumes.
Are you ready for the Halloween fun at USJ now? It’s time to go! If you don’t want to line up for too long, think about getting one of the special express passes for Halloween Horror Night. The prices are between 3,600 and 7,300 yen, but might be worth it. 
Place: Universal Studios Japan, Osaka
Time: 8 September ~ 5 November 2017
Official Website: Japanese | English | Special Tickets

Claudia Mitsubori