Female only capsule hotel

The Akihabara Bay Hotel is a female only capsule hotel located near by the Akihabara JR station. It is a fantastic place to stay when travelling to Akihabara on a budget or if you just want to experience a capsule hotel in a safe and lovely environment.

The hotel itself it very clearly designed for females with its beautiful pink interior and special bathroom items such as makeup remover, hair driers and even curling irons!  The hotel consists of a check in area where you will receive your special check in key to which you can use to access the hotel. The key is for security purposes such that individuals without the key are unable to access the elevator and enter the rooms of the hotel.  In the check in area you will be greeted by the lovely front desk staff who will give you your key and help you with any questions you may have. The front desk also have a small basket full of free amenities such as tooth brushes, comb ect.

The hotel is also equiped with a lovely and quite lounge room where you can access the free wifi, charge some of your devices or just come to relax. There is even a vending machine filled with various drinks to try if you are thirsty and if you feel peckish there is a microwave and kettles for your use . Within the hotel you will also find a pretty pink bathroom equiped with plenty of showers and free items for your use. The items include the basic body lotions and face wash as well as makeup remover and a hair drier. What makes this hotel so special is curling irons that they also provide for your use in the bathroom. There is a fully functional laundromat with both washing machines and driers that you can use for a small price.

When you think of a capsule hotel you would probably expect to be sleeping in a tiny and cramped little capsule right? What's so surprising about the Akihabara Bay Hotel is that their capsules are actually more spacious then you would think. Unless your are super tall, you should be able to sit up straight and still not feel too cramped.  In the capsule itself, you will find a usb charging port, free wifi, light and air control as well as an alarm clock that you can set and if you decide to pay just a little extra, you can even get a room fitted with a TV which can be extended from the wall. Amazing right?  When you check into the hotel you are also given your very own locker for storage of your luggage and you are also given a set of comfy pyjamas that you are able to wear around the hotel. Also, don't worry if your luggage is too big to fit in your locker because the lovely front desk ladies will kindly take it and keep it at the front desk during your stay.

Pop on down to Akihabara and try out the Akihabara Bay Hotel because you wont be disappointed! Trust me :) 

Molly P