5 reasons to visit Kanagawa Prefecture

Wondering how to add some unique spots to your trip to Tokyo? You can always expand your trip to the prefectures surrounding it! Kanagawa is one of Tokyo's neighboring prefectures, and has so much to do and see - all within close proximity to the capital! Here are five reasons you might want to add Kanagawa Prefecture to your Japan travel itinerary.

Yokohama is there

Yokohama is Japan's second largest city, but often gets passed over in favor of Tokyo. It's a shame, considering that Yokohama has so much to offer the traveler! From an incredible Chinatown area (a foodie's paradise!) through to great shopping, a fun and quirky cup noodle museum and more, it's a vibrant spot to add to your itinerary.
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You can take a hot spring trip to Hakone

When you think of a relaxing vacation, enjoying some of Japan's wonderful hot springs has to be something to add. Hakone is conveniently located less than 100 kilometres from Tokyo, but feels like a world away! There are many different ryokan accommodations here that will give you the best in Japanese hospitality - and ensure you have a special, memorable stay.
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Want to see Fuji? You can get some amazing views of the mountain here!

When you think iconic Japanese views, it's fairly safe to say that Mt. Fuji would be right up there at the top. If you want to see Fuji in all its' glory, visiting Lake Ashi is a wonderful spot to do that. You can take boat cruises on the lake itself, or even just walk around the area and take it all in.
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You can check out the Big Buddha at Kamakura

Another iconic and historic sight is Kamakura's Big Buddha, which draws visitors from far and wide. The statue was cast back in the mid 1200's, and sits over 11 metres tall. It's only a 200 yen admission fee to get in as well - bargain!
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You're able to explore Japan's surfing culture at Shichirigahama

It may not come as a surprise that since Japan is an island nation, that surfing is quite popular. Shichirigahama is one of the most popular spots, with surfers there rain, hail or shine! As well as being somewhere to catch a wave, it might be one of the world's most photogenic surfing spots on clear days! The view of Fuji from the beach here has inspired many different artworks, and you can see why!
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Enjoy Japan, and Safe Travels!

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