Gakuen Babysitters x Princess Cafe

New and currently popular anime, Gakuen Babysitter, this is probably the newest anime , that i've gotten into.
That aside the manga is ongoing but the anime season just finished last week , not to be too sad because you'll get to meet the characters again, at  Ikebukuro Princess Cafe.
Located in the new location, near the North Station exit , so don't get mixed up with the other 2 Princess Cafes , that are also located in Ikebukuro ( which holds other anime collaborations ).
This is the second time i have went to a Princess Cafe collaboration , so i'm aware of their system, so if you'll like to go to this or other princess cafe collaboration , please follow these steps.

Once you arrived , the staff will ask you which anime collaboration would you like to eat at ( because there will be 2-3 different anime menus included the one you want to go at).
Once you choose (e.g Gakuen Babysitters )
The staff will lead you to your seats.
After you look at the menu and know what you want to order , go to the counter and order from there also you'll be requried to pay first.
Shopping time is anytime , theres a lot of items being sold and most of them are blind choice ones.
Best thing is you don't have to reserve , but if that anime section that you want to go at is full, please wait, theres no time limited for everyone, so theres exact time when you'll get a seat , so its best to hang around the shopping area , while you wait^^.

47A34B4B-3DC6-4E1A-A643-D434DEE0D0B3.jpeg 1.9 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

The extrance , where you can see the characters greeting you , also check out their wall for which anime collaborations , that they are doing at the moment.
So far , since Gakuen Babysitters is getting a bit popular the seats are always full , so prepare to wait a bit , if you go to this one.
The Photo Spot Standees only have Ryucchi and Kotaro , sorry Kamitani or other character (of this series ) fans T^T but you can still try your luck on the blind boxes and  take photos of the character wall deco.

Menu List
Saikawa Special Hamburger Rice 1000 yen
Kotaro and Taka Omurice 1000 yen
Kamitani and Ryucchi Jam & Cookie set 900
Usaida Pancakes 800 yen

Drinks ( all 500 yen)
Kamitani Iced Coffee with chocolate baseballs
Kotaru Drink
Ryucchi Lemon Drink
Saikawa Coffee
Taka Star Drink
Usaida Strawberry Drink

*Coasters will be given to all customers, that purchase food and drinks
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Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Kamitani Hayato overload ( sorry its my favorite in this series, so was a bit happy when i got the acrylic stand , in the blind bag and the  coaster , which is also givin at random).
Drink has arrived , I've ordered Kamitani's Iced Coffee , so refreshing , for this weather (springtime getting quite hot though).
But Yes its not sweet as *** like most iced coffees i had , wouldn't say its the best one i've had but still better than most iced coffees , that i've dranked this year.
You also get two chocolate balls , that looks like baseball, which is this character favourite , the tastewise ... its not bad but i still reckon New Zealand chocolate taste the best ( please i'm not trying to be mean but its only my opinion^^).

9E3EE83F-47FD-47E9-A4C7-2B08763888E7.jpeg 1.51 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

The food took awhile to come , maybe because i saw a lot of people ordering this one , as well as the pancake and hamburger rice , but mostly i think all the omurice ones took longer than the others because it might be harder to make.
Anyways it still came and it looks cute ( a little bit childlike , but its kinda fits the theme of the anime)
The omurice was nice , sadly wasn't extra fluffy , the chicken was the best in my opinion, also it had a nice seasoning on it , unlike most ones you get sometimes ( maybe because i just like fried things =P ) , haha potato chips ( nothing wrong here , they taste nice ) a bit of a side story , i ate it like usual with my hands (wasn't my intention to cause anything) , which kinda cause a few others to look at me, well because in my eyes eating it with a fork , chopsticks (even though a few time when i was younger, i saw my grandpa eating potato chips with chopsticks) and spoon is kinda awkward.
Back to the food , the purin was soft and not at too sweet ( which is my style) so i liked it.
Vegetables ( happy to eat them, as a lot of places , you go out to eat, that doesn't have vegetables on the plate )
Extra is the smiley face :)
9AB87B03-90CC-4FBC-B49C-3A05C2372B7B.jpeg 1.79 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Goods corner and hello wallet!
There wasn't too much to buy , but all items that they were selling , was all blinded choices, i got lucky and got kamitani ( which i wanted anyway ), would try my luck but it felt like i've used it on the coaster and acrylic stand =P.

Goods list
*Blinds only 
Acrylic Stand Charm

1F44982F-DC61-4D52-8111-08ED0EDA4240.jpeg 2.11 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

A quick snap of my goodies , all brought in Ikebukuro
Acrylic and Coaster ( free gift) from Princess Cafe
Kamitani pen and Saiyuki Hakkai charm (blind box)from Animate
Sailor Moon X My Melody Charm (blind box) and badge (blind box) from Sanrio , inside Sunshinecity

D86F0781-AD99-4F41-B227-4B3676F45032.jpeg 1.74 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

and lastly the Character wall. 
Come along if you want a nice and cute dinner~ 

Julia Lai