Tattoo? No Problem! Our Top 3 Picks of Unique Tattoo Friendly Onsens in Oita Japan

We hear all the time about how famous and fabulous the onsens in Japan are, but for those with tattoos the first question that comes to mind is, is it tattoo friendly? We recently found out that there’s a prefecture where many of its onsens have always been tattoo friendly. It’s none other than Beppu city in Oita, Japan. Also known as the onsen capital. ♨️

With Oita city being one of the host cities of the 2019 Rugby World Cup 🏉, and so many onsens to try out, here's our top three unique tattoo friendly onsens you can experience!

1. Beppu Beach Sand Bath ⛱

Chris Okano, chillin’ like a villain in the hot sand bath

First on our list is the Beppu Beach Sand Bath. It’s definitely unique in the sense that there are only a few of these sand baths in the world. The sand is heated up by the steam of the hotsprings and is considered to be good for your skin and health.

Located next to Beppu International Tourist Port, on the beach of Shoningama (上人ヶ浜), the staff will bury you slowly until your whole entire body is covered in hot sand, with only your head sticking out. It’s quite a funny scene as you lay motionless and breath in the crisp ocean air.

And for those wondering, are you naked under all that sand? Lol, no. You are given a long yukata like outfit to wear. 👘

Sand Bath Experience

The max time the staff recommend you lay in the sand bath is 10-20 minutes, as anything longer may cause scalding! But as you lay in the hot sand, your body begins to warm up slowly. You’ll feel your heart and whole entire body begin to pulsate and sweat. After 10-20 minutes is up, you’ll come out feeling like you had a massage and feel super relaxed.

After patting down the sand off your body, head to the shower to wash any remaining sand and soak in the onsen to freshen up and voilà! You’ve just experienced a sand bath/onsen experience all rolled into one!

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2. Tattoo and Swimsuit Friendly at Kitahama Onsen Termas 👙

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For many of us, it’s hard to wrap our head around the concept of bathing naked with strangers as showering and bathing is something that’s done in private. For those of us who are just not comfortable going bare, worry no more as Kitahama Onsen Termas onsen allows guests to wear their swimsuits.

Kitahama Onsen Termas is one of the onsens that are keeping up with the current trends.


  • tattoo friendly,
  • allows guests to wear their swimsuits, and
  • their open-air bath (aka. rotenburo) is gender mixed

This means you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Beppu Bay and Mount Takasaki with your significant other, friends and families, all together. ♨️

They also offer a variety of other baths where you can get your r&r in. And if you forgot to bring your swimwear, that’s ok as it can be rented out for 150 YEN for men and 200 YEN for women.

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3. The Three-Star Michelin Onsen—Hyotan Onsen ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Last on our list is Hyotan Onsen. Hyotan Onsen is a three-star Michelin Onsen hotspot in Beppu with the facility offering 16 different types of onsen that you and your family and friends can experience!

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The facility offers an extensive list of both outdoor and indoor onsens, all with different themes such as a waterfall onsen to a cyprus onsen and many more.

They also offer family baths which are private baths that you can enjoy with your close ones. Renting out a private bath starts from 2100 YEN for one hour and can be extended longer if it’s not during a busy season.

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What makes this place special is that they’ve made a handful of their baths inclusive for all meaning they’ve removed barriers such as stairs to make it accessible for those who are physically disabled. ♿️

Other Amenities

In addition, they also offer sand baths that you can enjoy as well as foot baths which are free and an area where you can get a moisture back facial through inhaling the hot spring steam. 🧖🏻‍♂️🧖🏻‍♀️They’ve got you covered in the food department, as you can eat and relax in your yukata at their restaurant.🍱

Important Notice:

As per their site, the facility is currently undergoing renovation starting February 18th to mid October 2019 (expected to finish). However, their family baths (private baths) are open therefore, if you are heading down to Beppu, make sure to check them out!

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