Sight in Tokyo

The Works Stall Restaurant

The Works Stall Restaurant is an international food restaurant in Aobadai, Meguro.

Sight in Tokyo

Hata Hata (Mitaka)

A common place to visit among students and salarymen, this bar in the neighborhood of Mitaka serves beer with local dishes. Among the food items offered in the

Sight in Gunma

Gyouza no Manshu Oigami Toumeikan

Toumeikan is a traditional ryokan (hotel with hotspring) located in Gunma prefecture that serves Chinese food, as it is managed by the Chinese restaurant chain

Article by Nami Komorebispirit

Zunda - Tohoku's sweet green treat

Every region of Japan has its own specialities when it comes to food: seemingly endless amounts of ramen varieties, regionally unique soba dishes, various okono

Article by this is japan

Yaki-imo - the original food truck cuisine?

In the past few years, food trucks have been big business all around the world - or so it seems! Cool little neighborhoods seem to have things like taco trucks,

Sight in Tokyo

Takano Fruit Parlor (Shinjuku)

Takano Fruit Parlor is a popular dessert shop, also offering some savory dishes, located East of Shinjuku station.

Article by Sherilyn Siy

5 Quintessentially Japanese Autumn Foods You Must Try

If there's one season exclusive to foodies, it would be autumn. Considered by Japanese as the appetite-stimulating season, the cooler weather somehow inspires p

Article by Kurt Low

Slurp! Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama

We’ve all eaten instant noodles at some point. It’s cheap, easy and delicious. But do you know the story behind one of the most iconic food products in modern h

Article by Nami Komorebispirit

Okinawa's most delicious treat!

Japan is famous for having its own particular food for each of its 47 prefectures.  Some foods are well known and served all across Japan; others are prefecture

Article by Mike B

How to Enjoy Japan's Drinking Culture if You Don't Drink

Japan has a fun and unique drinking culture, in part because it allows the normally reserved, conservative Japanese to let their hair down, take off their ties

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Sushi not for you? Easing into Japanese Cuisine!

When it comes to eating, I know plenty of people that are in the “I'll try anything once!” camp, and others who are card carrying members of the extreme fussy e

Sight in Nara


Popular cafe in Nara's Cube development selling kakigori (shaved ice).

Sight in Saga

Karatsu Burger (Oteguchi)

This food stall sells handmade burgers, a local specialty of Karatsu City. Well known for their homemade demi-glace sauce, Karatsu Burger prepares each burger w

Article by Mike B

Only in Japan: Rice Burgers!

Enjoy your patty with a bun made of... rice?!

Article by Johanna Forsberg

Izakaya - Japan's best way to eat and drink.

One of the best ways of trying Japanese food and drinks while in Japan is to visit an izakaya, the Japanese version of a pub. You can find these establishments

Sight in Oita

Sato-no-Eki Kanawa

In the city of steam, we recommend you try Beppu’s iconic hot-spring steamed delicacies! The natural minerals in the steam give the food a deliciously unique taste, bringing out the true flavors of the food through additive-free cooking.

Article by Daniel L. Jenwei

Ramen like you've never tasted before: Afuri Ramen

Ichiran Ramen or Ippudo Ramen are usually what comes to mind when people talk about “Ramen Shops in Japan”.  However, today I would like to introduce another on

Article by Steven Chua

A Fall's Appetite: 7 Must-try food for autumn in Japan

食欲の秋(Shokuyoku no Aki), or A Fall's Appetite is a term in Japan which describes the abundance in food during the season of harvest. Countless types of food come

Sight in Nagano

Sakurai Kanseido Honten Confectionary

This confectionary shop offers various Japanese-style sweets, many of them made with kuri (chestnut) and is located about 7 minutes from Obuse Station on foot.

Article by Donna Rhae

How to Oden

It's that time of year again! With the cooler weather just around the corner, convenience stores are starting to stock Oden. Learn more about this tasty dish.

Article by Simon Happy

A delicacy called Taiyaki

One of the street food that is typical for Japan is “taiyaki”. It is a fish-shaped cake usually filled with red bean paste (anko) made from sweetened azuki bean

Sight in Tokyo

Nezu no Taiyaki

Nezu no Taiyaki is a taiyaki (fish-shaped Japanese pastry with a red-bean filling ) shop located in Nezu. Open from 10:30 a.m. ~ until the pastries sell out, th

Sight in Fukuoka

Ramen Stadium

Located on the 5th floor of the Cinema Building at Canal City Hakata, eight popular ramen restaurants offer different styles of ramen noodles.

Article by Journey Japan

Electronic Food delievery Train; Niagara Curry ( Restaurant)

      Curry Station Niagara (Restaurant): Have Your Food Delivered to You By Electronic Train  Feel the Nostalgia of Niagara curry credit

Article by Mike B

The Japanese Street Food that will make you say, "Dang, that's good!"

Traditional street hawkers in Japan offer things like okonomiyaki, yakisoba, takoyaki, taiyaki, and yakitori, but the BEST for a light snack on the go is DANGO.

Article by Jane K

Wagashi, a Celebration of Sweets

Wagashi, “traditional Japanese confectioneries”, have long been on many a food lover’s radar. The morsels are increasingly gaining popularity, more so since Japanese cuisine, or washoku, was added to the UNESCO “intangible cultural heritage” list in 2013.

Article by Colleen Chong

A must try sweet dessert in Kyoto

Kyoto is not only about visiting temples, it also well known for the sweet dessert. Personally, I highly recommend one of the popular sweet souvenir shops in Ky

Sight in Tokyo

Rainbow Bird Rendezvous

This vegan cafe in the trendy district of Nakameguro offers dishes made from organic and natural products. Last order at 8 pm on weekdays and Saturdays, and at