Sendai Daikannon (Daikanmitsu-ji Temple)


31-36 Nakayamaminami Sanezawa Izumi-ku
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Open Hours
1-3: Mon-Sun: - 10:00-16:30 4-9: Mon-Sun: - 10:00-17:00 10-12: Mon-Sun: - 10:00-16:30
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About this sight

Offering views of Sendai and the Pacific Ocean from the upper observation window, this 100-meter tall statue of the Goddess of Kannon is a well-known "power spot". Sendai Daikannon is the 6th tallest in the world and the tallest statue in Japan for a goddess. The Sendai Daikannon is one of the forms of Kannon, the spiritual figure of mercy. The name of this goddess also inspired the name for one of Japan's leading camera brands: Canon. Though visiting the statue is free, guests have the option to pay 500 yen to receive a charm.